First Steps

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To help facilitate your affiliation with the University, we need the following forms completed and returned to the Office of Faculty Affairs & Services as soon as possible. The required new hire forms ( include:

  • Employee Demographic Form
  • W-4
  • New Mexico Educational Retirement Form
  • I-9 Form (section 1 only)

Please stop by the Office of Faculty Affairs & Services [(505) 277-4528] at your earliest convenience to complete the required documentation. You will need to present documents to verify your identity and employment eligibility. This form must be completed within the first 3 working days of your employment. The list of documents that may be used for identification and proof of employment eligibility can be found on the USCC web site . If you are employed on a working visa and intend to apply for a permanent residency, you need to do so within 18 months.

You need to have your faculty contract finalized promptly. Please contact your new department administrator if you have not received your final faculty contract. Your contract needs to be finalized in order to obtain two important identification/access numbers:

1) Your Banner ID number, which is your employee ID number. You need your Banner ID number in order to get your faculty ID card and other University services.

2) Your NetID NetID. Your NetID is the user name for your new e-mail. But is more than that. It is your username for all eligible internet based resources: the library, grade systems, pay etc. practically every service. UNM IT is migrating to active directory service allowing for single sing in for all UNM services.

Please click here to go to the page on how to sign on for your NetID   

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Contact Office of Faculty Affairs & Services if you need further clarification. In addition, please contact your department administrator for information about your contract if it is not finalized yet.