Steps for Creating a NetID

1. Open any browser and type the following link in the address line:

  Step 1

2. Click on the Click to create your NetID link.

step 2

3. The following will page will display

step 3

4. Enter your First Name and Last Name in the appropriate field

5. Click on the I agree button

6. The following page will display (Complete part 1,2 3 and 4).

Step 6

7. Complete Part 1 – Confirm your identity
           a. Enter your social security number (with dashes).
           b. Enter your bithdate mm/dd/yyyy

Step 7

8. Complete Part 2 – Choose your Net ID
           a. It is recommended that you keep the NetID provided.

Step 8

9. Complete Part 3 – Choose a password
           a. Select and confirm you password using the standards listed below.

Step 9

10. Complete Part 4 – Chosoe your security questions
           a. Answer at least 5 security questions

Step 10

11. Click the OK button to create your NetID