Your Community

You are not just joining us to do a job but to join a community of people at UNM, the City and the State of New Mexico. You are coming into a wonderfully diverse and vibrant cultural community matched by the diversity of its physiography.

Albuquerque has one of the most pleasant and mild climates in the Country, with four distinct seasons. The graph below shows the monthly highs and lows for 2013.

The Land of EnchantmentTemp graph

The physiography of New Mexico is as varied as its culture, ranging from gypsum dune deserts to high-country forests. Large tracts of the land in New Mexico are Federal lands, including a number of wilderness areas. The Gila Wilderness was the first in the Country to be designated as wilderness area. Spectacular hiking trails and world-class skiing is available with easy driving distance from UNM, including the Sandia Wilderness Area, with trail head at the edge of the City.