Our People, Our Culture

Human occupation in this region dates back to the advent of Ancestral Americans into this Hemisphere, starting with the Clovis People (Clovis, New Mexico, the type locality). It had witnessed dramatic environmental and cultural changes over the centuries. Pueblo cultures flourished in this region for centuries, followed by Spanish occupation, establishing Santa Fe as the oldest capital in the United States. The State encapsulates both the human and ecological changes that shaped this hemisphere, from prehistory to the present. The rich culture of the State is the product of the centuries of amalgamations of these diverse peoples into a whole community.

A number of your colleagues have taken advantage of these riches to build internationally recognized social and scientific works.

                      Red Mountain

Pueblo Bonito, the largest structure within the Chaco complex, a settlement that flourished between 900 – 1200 AD.

Our cultural diversity, which is universally honored in New Mexico, is expressed in our students and all aspects of our lives: our music, our cuisine, and our art.  The greater Albuquerque-Santa Fe region boasts one of the liveliest artistic, and scientific scenes.  Two of the National Labs, Los Alamos and Sandia Labs, are located in this region, providing opportunities for collaborative research. 

Opera House 

                       Santa Fe Opera Symbol