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Dear Faculty,

Welcome to the University of New Mexico, the Flagship University for the Land of Enchantment! We are so glad you’re here!Bookstore Facade

The UNM Bookstores are your partners in education. Owned and operated by the University of New Mexico, we exist to support your campus life and teaching mission. Our Trade Department hosts signing events for faculty authors. Our Clothing Department carries a wide variety of Lobowear, including items perfect for the classroom. Our Supply Department supports your supply requisition needs. And of course, our  Course Materials Department prides itself on being the go-to resource for textbooks for faculty, students and parents.

We are here to support you choice of course material for your class. Academic Freedom is as important to us as it is to you, and we work with you to identify the book(s), supply, or piece of technology you need to support your lesson plan, verify that it is obtainable, and then do everything we can to find it at the lowest possible cost. Sometimes that involves negotiations with publishers, or finding a variety of formats for a book. Sometimes that means smart shopping on our part. But we will do what it takes to help keep textbook costs as affordable as possible.

Book store sloganWe have a due date for textbook orders, or “requisitions”: March 15 for Summer terms, April 1 for Fall terms, and October 1 for Spring terms. This may seem unreasonably early at first glance, but there are very good reasons for these dates:
1. The Federal Higher Education Opportunity Act (HEOA) requires colleges and universities to post the materials used in a course at the time of registration so students can make informed choices about the true cost of their courses. Pre-registration typically begins in April for Summer and Fall courses, and in November for Spring courses, so to be 100% compliant with the provisions of the HEOA, we need your book information very early.

2. It takes time to process a requisition. Typically, it takes between three and fifteen minutes to research the books for one book in a course requisition, plus additional time to enter the information into our ordering database. What takes so long?
a. We are verifying that the book is in print
b. We are checking to see if the book is available in different formats (hardback, paperback, looseleaf, ebook)
c. We are checking the price
d. We are looking for the best place to obtain the book at the lowest price
e. Review entries for accuracy and completeness
3. Buyback prices (for non-rental books) are determined by bookstore need. If we know you’ll be using a book next term, we can pay more money to our students during finals week and keep that book on campus for the next batch of students to use. If we find out you’re using a book again during or after finals week, that book has already been shipped away to our wholesaler (and the students got a lot less money for it).

According to a student survey, Student Buying Habits: Textbooks and Course Materials, the number one reason students buy textbooks was "the extent to which there are class assignments based on material from the book." The second most popular reason was "difficulty of the class," and third was "the extent to which the instructor uses the book in class." So please, if you tell us a book is required, use it. If the book is just for reference or enhancement, tell us about it, but let us know it’s optional so we can pass that information along to students.  
Finally, I’d like to remind you that required course materials are tax exempt when purchased in our stores by UNM students, so being complete with your requisition is important. If you require art supplies for class, for example, we can create a customized supply kit for your course which will allow your students to purchase the supplies tax free, as well as at a great price. This also holds for other required devices: i-Clickers, calculators, etc. if specifically requisitioned as required for the course.

It’s easy to submit your requisition form, if you have not done so already. Just go to our website: http://bookstore.unm.edu/
Click on “Faculty”, then click on the red Requisition button for your campus.

If you have any trouble submitting your requisition, or any questions about Course Materials or supply kits, or requiring calculators or other devices in class, please contact Peg Lewis, Course Materials Division Manager, at peglewis@unm.edu or extension 7-7478 (505-277-7478).

Thanks for your time, and Go Lobos!

Peg Lewis
Division Manager, Course Materials
UNM Bookstore, Main Campus
Albuquerque, NM