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Welcome to UNMResearch! Your research, scholarly activities and creative works benefit students, are one important measure of your success as a scholar, and build the University’s standing as a research-intensive university.

Our research and scholarship landscape is vibrant, richly complex and ever-changing. Faculty from a diverse range of disciplines tackle problems and generate knowledge to benefit New Mexico, the nation, and people around the world.

Supporting Your Research

UNM is committed to helping you succeed in your research and scholarly activities. Our network of programs and services foster an enriching research environment by partnering with faculty, staff, and students in finding funding opportunities, crafting excellent proposals, obtaining and managing sponsored projects, as well as assuring good stewardship of funds through compliance with sponsor, university, and other policies and procedures. Here is a snapshot of these programs:

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Faculty Research Development Office (FRDO)

The Faculty Research Development Office, a unit of the OVPR, is dedicated to supporting faculty in obtaining external funding and building UNM’s research enterprise. The FRDO works with a network of research support professionals in the Dean’s Offices of Colleges and Schools and can assist faculty with finding funding, reviewing and editing proposals, creating budgets and navigating the UNM proposal submission process (Cayuse). Faculty can request FRDO assistance through the FIRST System.

UNM subscribes to to help faculty, staff and students find funding opportunities (federal and non-federal) and collaborators (Community of Science database) in one place. You will need a Pivot account to save your search results for funding opportunities, get weekly alerts, maintain/claim your profile, and get access to potential collaborators. Get your pivot account at; you can request assistance with Pivot from FRDO.

Limited Competitions
A limited competition is an opportunity in which the funding agency places a limit on the number of proposals an institution may submit. In order to avoid multiple submissions and inevitable disqualification of proposals, the Office of the Vice President for Research conducts an internal competition for which applicants must submit  pre-proposals. A Limited Competitions Review Committee evaluates the pre-proposal and selects the one(s) that can go forward for submission. Faculty should sign up for the PI listserv in order to receive notification about Limited Competitions.

View Upcoming Limited Competitions

Your Path to a Funded Project…

Introduce yourself to your department proposal support contacts, as they are very helpful in submitting your proposal. Each Department is also assigned an Office of Sponsored Projects (OSP) Contract & Grant Administrator, who facilitates the pre-award process, and a Contract and Grant Accounting, Main Office (CGAO) Fiscal Monitor contact who facilitates the post-award process. Find your:

•    Departmental Proposal Support Contact
•    OSP Contract & Grant Administrator
•    CGAO Fiscal Monitor and DPI Approver

Be Mindful of Funding Agency Deadlines & UNM’s Internal Deadline! UNM requires that all proposals be routed via CayuseSP for department approval and received by the OSP five (5) business days before the funding agency deadline. Review the Proposal Submission Guideline Memo on the OSP website and plan accordingly.

Step 1: Obtain Funding Agency Accounts and Cayuse Research Suite Account
The Office of Sponsored Projects uses CayuseSP to process, review and approve your proposal submission packages prior to submitting your package to the funding agency. You will need a Cayuse account to add, record and route your proposal submission package into CayuseSP for UNM review and approval. You may also need a user account from the funding agency whereby you are submitting a proposal or you may need to affiliate an existing account to UNM. Get these accounts from OSP.

Step 2: Plan and Prepare your Budget
A final budget and narrative budget justification should be included in the CayuseSP record at the 5 business day deadline. It is important to develop the budget based on the funding agency guidance and UNM’s internal guidelines (fringe benefits, indirect costs, etc.) Approved rates can be found on the OSP Forms page.

Step 3: Route your proposal through CayuseSP
There may be several UNM administrators, in addition to yourself as the Principal Investigator (PI), who will need to approve the CayuseSP record. This may include the department chair, associate dean of research or other accounting staff from your department. Please build in additional time for these individuals to review the CayuseSP record so that your proposals reach OSP by the 5 day deadline. Once you have finalized your proposal and received OSP approval, OSP will submit your proposal to the funding agency.

Step 4: Manage and Spend the Award
When you receive notice that your proposal is going to be funded, OSP will process the award. Contract and Grant Accounting will assign a Banner Index and assist your department with the fiscal management of the award.

Leverage Research Data Services (RDS)

The campus has a number of excellent analytical and computational facilities with provisions for access by faculty and their students. You may be able to get the information through your department.
The Research Data Services ( team in the University Libraries provides infrastructure and support for effective planning for and management of research data. Beginning with data management planning and finishing with archival storage and sharing of research data, the RDS team supports data discovery, creation, use, documentation, management, collaboration and sharing throughout the full research lifecycle. Our services include:

  • Support for data management planning and funding agency data management plan development
  • One-on-one and research team training in all aspects of research data management, including custom instruction to meet specific research team or class needs
  • Coordination of access to the Library’s data management infrastructure, including
  • LoboGit – a shared platform for collaborative management and analytic code development
  • LoboDrive – a private cloud storage system that enables effective data sharing within research teams, including partners off the UNM campus
  • LoboVault – UNM’s institutional repository – our system for providing long-term archival storage, discovery and access to research outputs including data

RDS services are available to all UNM Faculty, Students and Staff in support of their research needs.
For more information contact RDS and take a look at our services for Faculty.

Get Research Help at the University Libraries

Timely information is critical to your research. UNM Libraries has extensive holding in all academic and research disciplines. Explore the Research Guides.

Access Research Computing Resources

IT resources are available to UNM faculty at various levels. Central IT provides e-mail, active directory, software distribution and wired and wireless internet access. In additional they provide specialized services, such as server services.

A number of colleges and departments also offer local network and desktop support. Your department administrator will be able to tell you more about those services.

High performance computing is available through The Center for Advanced Research Computing (CARC).